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About Us

We are dedicated to the cultivation of food for all people, addressing racial and economic inequality,  while building a just and compassionate community. 


 Our Purpose

Several years ago we stopped mowing our lawn and chose to cultivate native plant and animal life instead of growing grass. We wanted to teach our children to grow food, understand the natural systems at work around them, and become good citizens of this planet. 

Each year our work builds upon itself and each year we see more pollinators, frogs, birds, and even the occasional turtle visiting the garden. As we continue to learn, explore, and make mistakes, we are also promoting biodiversity, building soil, and lowering our carbon footprint.

We encourage our children to explore their natural world and their relationship to Pacha Mama; Mother Earth. Learning gratitude and appreciation for everything our Mother provides and finding purpose in our connection to every living thing.


Backyard Transformation

Now is the time for dramatic change and transformation. It can start as simply as letting your yard grow, without mowing, or the use of pesticides and herbicides. When we encourage biodiversity, nature returns to balance, and maintains herself. 

Plant fruit and nut bearing trees, edible flowers, medicinal herbs, self-seeding and perennial fruits and vegetables, then, sit back and watch it grow! Create a playground for your children to explore. 

Share, with those who do not have land access, the bounty that your food forest will produce, and play a part in creating equity for all of our diverse communities. 

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