Six Week Course


Week 1 - What is a Food Forest?


Students will learn to identify plants, the importance of biodiversity, and the how a food forest works.


Week 4 - Food Justice

Students will learn about Food Apartheid and how it affects all of our communities. They will identify ways in which we can change our behaviors to create abundance for everyone.


Week 2 - Foraging Safely


Students will learn to identify plants in nature that are edible and/or medicinal.


Week 5 - Leave the Leaves: Building Soil


Students will learn how falling leaves build soil, and promote habitats for our insect and animal neighbors.

Week 3 - Seed Saving


Students will learn how to properly save, and store, seeds for the following Spring planting.


Week 6 - Design Your Own Garden


Students will design a Food Forest, using permaculture techniques, for their own neighborhoods, community spaces, and yards.